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Daniel Hruschka, Lead Investigator

My work asks how we as humans make our culture and how culture makes us human. How does our culture influence the way we face tough ethical decisions or deal with serious illness? How do we transform culture by the force of both our best efforts and our unintentional actions? I approach these questions as an anthropologist, but I borrow pragmatically from across the social sciences, adapting and developing the tools—qualitative and quantitative, observational and experimental, analytical and agent-based—that are best suited for each specific question. Much of my work focuses on developing novel ways of framing and testing the wealth of hypotheses in the social sciences about two specific questions—how humans stay healthy and how humans cooperate.
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Joe Hackman, Graduate Researcher

I am interested in how human behavioral and cognitive adaptations shape patterns of cultural and behavioral diversity observed in the modern world. My current work focuses on understanding how evolved psychological traits that guide human reproduction interact with modern contexts to produce the current demographic changes observed around the world. I also study the factors that influence how close bonds emerge between individuals, how these bonds frame individual level-social interaction, and how these bonds structure group-level patterns of social behavior.
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Mariya Voytyuk, Graduate Researcher

I am a Global Health PhD student at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Originally from Ukraine, I received my Master's in Health Promotion from Indiana University, Bloomington (2012). My passion is nutrition and I am particularly interested in how people come to decide what is "good" and "bad" to eat and what attracts them to different dietary movements. My research interests include cross-cultural perceptions of healthy eating and food risks, dietary ideologies, and theory of food. Such interdisciplinary work brings together theory and methods from the fields of anthropology, nutrition, and psychology.
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Alexander Danvers, Graduate Researcher

I am a social psychology graduate student interested in emotions in close relationships and social interactions. I apply principles from evolutionary biology and dynamic systems theory to understanding how people communicate, cooperate, and form relationships. My research also spans across methodologies, including psychophysiology, economic games, behavioral coding, and traditional survey methods.
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Leonid Tiokhin, Graduate Researcher

I use evolutionary theory to understand the behavior and cognition of contemporary humans. Some of my current interests include the evolution and maintenance of deception in signaling systems and the adaptive regulation of bodily defenses. I have fieldwork experience in Indonesia and Armenia, and plan on conducting future research at these sites.
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Culture Change and Behavior Lab, 2014

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